Jacqueline Cullen is a 21st century Spiritual Leader and Ascension Master, assisting and guiding others through the problems and trials of life.

She spends her time travelling, spreading the New Dawn Energies as she passes on through. Serving all who seek her Counsel.

Her main intention is to lead others to a place of spiritual maturity; that ‘eternal’, ‘expansive’ place of Life.
Empowering them to turn their life into a more beautiful, harmonious and happy one.

A life based on Integrity, Responsibility, and Growth through Positive Change. Guiding each individual to that very place they seek!

Some of her previous websites/work include: Beyond the Shift: A New Dawn, Calming minds, Clarity Experiential Self Development and Touching the Truth!

Each sight has its Truth set in that moment. This new site sets the Truth for her today!

*Jacqueline Cullen has asserted her moral right to be identified as the Author of this Work and all articles, poems and quotes in accordance with the Copyright, design and Patent Act, 1988*


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