The Path Unfolds Beneath Me!

Each step I take creates the next one; and the next.
No path lies ahead or behind but rather only and always
beneath my feet.
For where I am is always new and fresh;
not dependent on the past.
Each move I make is alive with joy;
of where I shall stand next.One foot in front of the other;
lightly leading the way.

One foot in front of the other
discovering anew in this Moment as….
The path unfolds beneath me.


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Spirit in Motion!

Things really have moved on for me this year and this webpage is part of the new energy that directs my life at this time!

As with everything else, nothing stays the same for any real length of time and as I find myself evolving onwards and upwards the website is and will always reflect the constant ‘Spirit in Motion.’

And although it is a little on the sparce side, I know that Spirit will work its magic and it will eventually become what it needs to be.

I look forward to sharing the magic with you all!

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