Out of my Mind

And so the day I’ve dreaded is finally here…. I have lost my marbles; lost my mind!

I am living in a society full of folk who all look and sound the same. All think and act the same, the ‘so-called’ normal people?

But any resemblance I once had of being one of them has now well and truly disappeared.

I am alone in my madness. Yet adrift on an Ocean I trust implicitly! The structure and the compass of the vessel (my mind) I’ve used to navigate me through the high seas of life are now removed. Without this structure that confined and defined me, I live beyond its limits, ideologies, beliefs, needs and wants.

Being in this space of eternal expansive emptiness though, brings difficulties in the world and the mind of the one who resides there!

Operating in both time and no time and with feet firmly on the ground whilst Being that invisible ever present and ever more pervasive expansiveness, leads me even further out of my mind!

Beyond all notion of thought or human need for compassion. Beyond all need to be happy and at peace with self and the world we inhabit is a space unaffected by human dramas and crisis. Unaffected by what our parents, family, friends, partners, groups we belong to or even our colleagues may think of us, is where our new energy leads us. Into the unknown and unchartered boundless reality/unreality.

For in this place; a place without schemata, we are out of Mind. Where we no longer adhere to the beliefs of our fathers and are no longer enclosed in a network of power and control by those who it suits to keep the status quo. For in this new space there is no Mind, only eternal flow!

Yes indeed. I have truly lost my mind and I shall be forever mad, forever Mindless! For I am now a new space; I am new energy. And in this new eternal expansive energy where there are no rules, regulations, beliefs and emotions I dare say that I shall be seen by my loved ones as truly nutty as the maddest of mad hatters!!!

Anyone else feeling the same way, please do come and keep me company. For it would be nice to share this Madness knowing that I am not the only one ‘out of their heads.’

Having broken down the mind structural gridlines, Spirit can flow unhindered and we will live without limit… Jacqueline Cullen


Ascension Workshop

Living in the New Earth Energies Workshop


Sunday 13th March 2016

 In this truly unique workshop we shall be looking at:

  •  Death of the Old World
  •  The changing energies affecting our individual lives, societal structure and planetary upheaval
  •  Answering the call to Ascension
  • The Awakening of human consciousness
  •  Breaking down the structure of the illusion of mind
  •  Living a timeless and boundary less existence
  • The End of Experiences
  •  Ending the day by:
    *Attuning your vibration to Ascension level*

Royal Over-seas League
Over-Seas House, Park Place,
St James’s Street,


Ascension Work

A little information on my work as Ascension Master!
cosmic gaia

By the Grace of ALL THAT IS and having had Personal and Direct Experience of being Attuned by the Divine Energy of Ascension itself, I now work with Spirit as an Ascension Master!

This energy was given to me so that I am able to assist in bringing in and anchoring the new dawn energy.
Hence my previous work on Beyond the Shift: A New Dawn.

It is a strange place at times…

As a person who was once very emotional and emotionally led, I now find myself detached from all and any emotions being felt around the. Particularly in our world in these very troubling of times.

cosmic gaia

I find myself more connected to the world around me, yet at the same time truly separated from it. If I do get angry it is only surface anger and vented straight away. Done and dusted with no residue emotions left behind!

That’s not to say that I do not care. Rather that I SEE beyond the situation and acknowledge that only when Man/Woman find peace within, will this world of ours also be at peace!

I have a feeling that I am repeating a message of old; a message of millennia. But it it the oldest of Truths. Without peace we are without love. We are blinded to all the beauty inside and out. We are Ugly to look at and Ugly to be with.

We can only BE truly beautiful when we are at Peace.
Divine Peace that is. Not the swiftly changing peace that errupts into anger at the slightest nuisance we may experience during our day, i.e when we cannot find our keys or a train is delayed because someone may have thrown theirself under it; feeling devoid of life; of peace!

Peace is imovable. Peace knows the dramas and crisis those devoid of peace experience. Peace knows that it is a choice we can make. And therefore Peace sets out to show us ways of changing so that we too may find eternal peace.

Even in the midst of madness…

No longer in Control….Yippee!!!

doorMy life is no longer mine…
It is forever being moved, improved and informed by the Spirit of the Divine. I have given up completely the need to ‘run’ my life; for when I did, I felt pain and constriction. I felt powerless to that which I had no control. I believed I could change the world for the better…..
My ‘better’ had no real conception of ‘better’ or of ‘peace.’ It was one based on the ‘thinking mind’; the so called rational/logic mind.
We only have to take look at our world today to SEE how rational and logical our minds are!
The mind only ever churns out old information and tunnel vision beliefs. The mind and its corresponding thinking continue only to look at what has always been. At ‘how things are’.
There are no answers or solutions to be found in old thinking. Its serves no one and progresses nothing!
My favourite quote is:
“The definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same thing over and over again, yet expect a different outcome.”

Yet this is exactly what we do in everyday life! We continue in abusive relationships, we let our boss humiliate us, we tell ourselves we are overweight and need to diet. As we sit eating another burger…


Try getting out of your mind (not by drugs or alcohol.) Try listening to your Inner Compass and find another way of acting/reacting.
It can seem a little scary at first. But in time you will know that it is the only way to BE!
It has nothing to do with religion. But it has everything to do with your relationship to that ever present Divine energy.
I have learnt how to live this way and today I know that I am ‘spirit in motion’, never knowing where I’m going. Never questioning that urge; that inkling that there is something about to happen or for me to go somewhere. I may walk about with a curious look on my face but I know that whatever it is I am to do, is what spirit requires of me.
I am at the mercy of my Inner Compass; ready to change course at the drop of a hat. That is enough for me. It is all I need!

Ascension and Spiritual Growth

I realised that although people were keen to learn how to give healing mostly to others, that they were not Practising, Being it or Living it on a daily basis in their own life. Healing Masters included!

It’s almost as if they are saying that they do not need healing ( a classic response I saw as a Counsellor “I don’t need therapy it ‘s

We all have the ability to heal; it is not a gift but rather our True divine nature. It is a wonderful tool that we have been given to use on ourselves in any moment of the day or night. It is the best resource that we can have within us for a lifetime of learning, understanding Spirit in our own life and using the ever present energies to release old fears and behaviour patterns.

It is the font of all knowledge, all we have to do is keep the Intention of a deeper connection.

This is what Spirituality is all about…Individual relationship with the Divine Wisdom.
spirit woman

Practising Spiritual development is about being aware what it is we are carrying around inside of us; our feelings, beliefs and our thoughts. Good and bad.
Having a conscious awareness of our outer life and all or any dramas we may be attached to gives us a very good idea of what our inner world of feelings and beliefs are!

In life we have relationships with our partners and children. These relationships give us joy and there is ‘never’ a time when we are not in a relationship with them (mostly speaking. Separations excluded!)

It is the same with Spirit. We are always in a relation with this too. It cannot be any other way. In fact, we are more deeply in a relationship with the Divine. Relationships come, go and change. Spirit never does!

If we are not constantly maintaining this relationship with Spirit we will never achieve that silence space of peace we all seek and in these troubled times, we need more than ever.

There is no separation between the human and Spirit just as there is no separation between the body and brain. it is all connected; I can see one but not the other unless I use a special machine that enables me to view the brain within.

So this is the case with Spirit. I may not be able to see it, but if I sit quietly and focus my attention and intention I am able to SEE, FEEL and KNOW this most precious side of myself!

There is no veil of illusion just the illusion of the veil itself!

What stops us from becoming fully integrated human/spirit is the fear that the other side; the unseen unknown side is a dark filled side. Handed down by those who want to keep us from believing that we are less than; that to be Divine is but for the chosen few!

Once you SEE this as false, you will KNOW yourself as a fully integrated Divine Human.