Ascension and Spiritual Growth

I realised that although people were keen to learn how to give healing mostly to others, that they were not Practising, Being it or Living it on a daily basis in their own life. Healing Masters included!

It’s almost as if they are saying that they do not need healing ( a classic response I saw as a Counsellor “I don’t need therapy it ‘s

We all have the ability to heal; it is not a gift but rather our True divine nature. It is a wonderful tool that we have been given to use on ourselves in any moment of the day or night. It is the best resource that we can have within us for a lifetime of learning, understanding Spirit in our own life and using the ever present energies to release old fears and behaviour patterns.

It is the font of all knowledge, all we have to do is keep the Intention of a deeper connection.

This is what Spirituality is all about…Individual relationship with the Divine Wisdom.
spirit woman

Practising Spiritual development is about being aware what it is we are carrying around inside of us; our feelings, beliefs and our thoughts. Good and bad.
Having a conscious awareness of our outer life and all or any dramas we may be attached to gives us a very good idea of what our inner world of feelings and beliefs are!

In life we have relationships with our partners and children. These relationships give us joy and there is ‘never’ a time when we are not in a relationship with them (mostly speaking. Separations excluded!)

It is the same with Spirit. We are always in a relation with this too. It cannot be any other way. In fact, we are more deeply in a relationship with the Divine. Relationships come, go and change. Spirit never does!

If we are not constantly maintaining this relationship with Spirit we will never achieve that silence space of peace we all seek and in these troubled times, we need more than ever.

There is no separation between the human and Spirit just as there is no separation between the body and brain. it is all connected; I can see one but not the other unless I use a special machine that enables me to view the brain within.

So this is the case with Spirit. I may not be able to see it, but if I sit quietly and focus my attention and intention I am able to SEE, FEEL and KNOW this most precious side of myself!

There is no veil of illusion just the illusion of the veil itself!

What stops us from becoming fully integrated human/spirit is the fear that the other side; the unseen unknown side is a dark filled side. Handed down by those who want to keep us from believing that we are less than; that to be Divine is but for the chosen few!

Once you SEE this as false, you will KNOW yourself as a fully integrated Divine Human.


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