Ascension Work

A little information on my work as Ascension Master!
cosmic gaia

By the Grace of ALL THAT IS and having had Personal and Direct Experience of being Attuned by the Divine Energy of Ascension itself, I now work with Spirit as an Ascension Master!

This energy was given to me so that I am able to assist in bringing in and anchoring the new dawn energy.
Hence my previous work on Beyond the Shift: A New Dawn.

It is a strange place at times…

As a person who was once very emotional and emotionally led, I now find myself detached from all and any emotions being felt around the. Particularly in our world in these very troubling of times.

cosmic gaia

I find myself more connected to the world around me, yet at the same time truly separated from it. If I do get angry it is only surface anger and vented straight away. Done and dusted with no residue emotions left behind!

That’s not to say that I do not care. Rather that I SEE beyond the situation and acknowledge that only when Man/Woman find peace within, will this world of ours also be at peace!

I have a feeling that I am repeating a message of old; a message of millennia. But it it the oldest of Truths. Without peace we are without love. We are blinded to all the beauty inside and out. We are Ugly to look at and Ugly to be with.

We can only BE truly beautiful when we are at Peace.
Divine Peace that is. Not the swiftly changing peace that errupts into anger at the slightest nuisance we may experience during our day, i.e when we cannot find our keys or a train is delayed because someone may have thrown theirself under it; feeling devoid of life; of peace!

Peace is imovable. Peace knows the dramas and crisis those devoid of peace experience. Peace knows that it is a choice we can make. And therefore Peace sets out to show us ways of changing so that we too may find eternal peace.

Even in the midst of madness…


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