Out of my Mind

And so the day I’ve dreaded is finally here…. I have lost my marbles; lost my mind!

I am living in a society full of folk who all look and sound the same. All think and act the same, the ‘so-called’ normal people?

But any resemblance I once had of being one of them has now well and truly disappeared.

I am alone in my madness. Yet adrift on an Ocean I trust implicitly! The structure and the compass of the vessel (my mind) I’ve used to navigate me through the high seas of life are now removed. Without this structure that confined and defined me, I live beyond its limits, ideologies, beliefs, needs and wants.

Being in this space of eternal expansive emptiness though, brings difficulties in the world and the mind of the one who resides there!

Operating in both time and no time and with feet firmly on the ground whilst Being that invisible ever present and ever more pervasive expansiveness, leads me even further out of my mind!

Beyond all notion of thought or human need for compassion. Beyond all need to be happy and at peace with self and the world we inhabit is a space unaffected by human dramas and crisis. Unaffected by what our parents, family, friends, partners, groups we belong to or even our colleagues may think of us, is where our new energy leads us. Into the unknown and unchartered boundless reality/unreality.

For in this place; a place without schemata, we are out of Mind. Where we no longer adhere to the beliefs of our fathers and are no longer enclosed in a network of power and control by those who it suits to keep the status quo. For in this new space there is no Mind, only eternal flow!

Yes indeed. I have truly lost my mind and I shall be forever mad, forever Mindless! For I am now a new space; I am new energy. And in this new eternal expansive energy where there are no rules, regulations, beliefs and emotions I dare say that I shall be seen by my loved ones as truly nutty as the maddest of mad hatters!!!

Anyone else feeling the same way, please do come and keep me company. For it would be nice to share this Madness knowing that I am not the only one ‘out of their heads.’

Having broken down the mind structural gridlines, Spirit can flow unhindered and we will live without limit… Jacqueline Cullen


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