Old Structures, Beliefs, Behaviours,and Fears come crumbling down!

This last week has been a rather busy one in regards to the energies shifting…..

Many of you may well have been aware of how very strange the energies have been these last few months.
A strangeness that one is unable to express but one that can only to be felt.

The last week feeding in from this is a knowing sense or experience of old ‘ghosts’, fear filled stories or even trips back through the eons to heal the dark within and without! Most appear to make no sense and perhaps feel removed from the self?
But remember! The energies of darkness, of old musty times are within us all. For we are in everything, as it is within us!


As you heal the ‘old’ within, you may start to feel discomfort in the body; more noticeably the heart for this is where it is needed the most!

Our wish for a peaceful world begins and ends within. And as we heal the body, the mind and the planet we live in, we bring into our world that we most seek….



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