Our Changing DNA

As the structures that man has set in place over many centuries continue to crumble around us, so too does our very DNA.
It is all part of the Ascension Process; one that we mere mortals are unable to do anything about!

Each one of us having our own experience of upheaval and change; most not wanted but necessary all the same…
At times-and there are many, we may find ourselves with feelings of powerlessness, inconsequentiality, being frustrated, agitated and anxious for no apparent reason?
This is all part of the shift in human and planetary evolution. A shift that we are going through; even if we have to be dragged through it backwards!

It’s happening; and mostly already has happened so there is nowhere for us to hide.
The good thing about it though is that we are not alone. Each step we take, we share with another. Each experience we have, we experience together.
Perhaps at different times, but we all do still experience the same phenomena!

I have listed below some of these experiences you may be going through at this time. I’m sure you can relate…

self transform
• You have lost your interest in the old Spiritual Community, and in fact at times may feel some antipathy towards it!
• You KNOW that you are enough and that all imperfections are just in the mind!
• You no longer need to make things happen, to try, or to fix anything or anyone.
• You can no longer relate to the world around you and find yourself ever removed from the headline stories of death and destruction!
• You no longer care what anyone thinks about you or anything else. You are completely guided by Divine Presence and it is here your focus is set.
• You understand that there is no right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. Everything just IS.

You no longer care about the plight of humanity but rather remain focused on showering our planet with the New Light. For this is how change occurs!
• You have evolved or are evolving out of the Old way of being of drama and emotions.
• All desire to read books or gather any more new information gone. Being the Source itself, you have direct upload/download through sensing and knowing.
• Life is experienced at a much slower pace and each day is spent pretty much as the last; without expectation or need to do!
• You find yourself at ‘the end of experience.’ You are no longer waiting for the ‘next best thing.’ No longer making yourself busy just to distract yourself from boredom (or rather your inner fears.) And you are no longer investing in the dramas or crisis that once defined you.

In fact, YOU know longer define full stop!
• Something is only what we name it. Take the name away and it becomes ‘nothing.’
• You enjoy life and being removed from its disturbances, you are free to enjoy even more.
• Your emotions are no longer controlling you or your life. If you do feel a pang of anger or sorrow it is surface level only. It is no longer tied to the deepest part of your being; no longer running your life.
• Your surrounding environment has little effect on you. If it changes i.e. new furniture, home etc., you appreciate it but you don’t make it your whole world.
• You laugh a lot and find many things amusing and funny.
• You live in the moment letting all things unfold without insisting on the direction.
All stress is gone. No sense of past, present or future. Time is linear.
• You feel incredible peace. There is a distinct absence of fear and you feel safe.
Spiritual Energy is your Energy. You know that there is no separation. Spirit and you are the same. The highest Light and you are the same. There is no separation. And if I were to say to you ‘hello God/Goddess’ I am saying it to you. It is not above you, you are not beneath it.
For you are that Eternal Expansive Divine Presence. Once you erase all boundaries to knowing/accepting this, you will SEE/not see any such hierarchy.

You ARE the Hierarchy!!!



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