Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone.

Sending you all, very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
May all the loving and positive seeds you’ve sewn in 2015 begin to germinate and flouish in this perfect one we are about to enter!

I know that times can often get really difficult and we feel so very afraid and trapped with nowhere to run.
And so follows our darkest of nights?

But please know…..

You are never alone. We are all here to support, nurture, encourage and love each other.
For we are one Being. We are always connected.

Healing is never ending. It knows where to go; even when we are asleep.
We are always giving and forever receiving the loving healing presence.

We need not ask permission to heal. This is ego speaking.
The Light does not ask to shine and so it is for healing.

Divine Presence knows who and where to heal…

From my heart to yours
Jacqueline Cullen.


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