Living in the Moment

Meditating by the sea
Silhouette of young woman in lotus position sitting on the beach and medditating

If you notice your own thoughts, you will be aware that they are either thinking of the past or of the future!

Living this way means that we do not have to concentrate on what is happening now; how our emotions are and how they are making us feel….

…If we stopped in the present moment for any longer than a few seconds we would start to feel quiet uncomfortable, this is just too much for us to handle. So once again we begin to busy ourselves with tasks or with past and future thinking.

After all. It is much easier to let our thoughts linger on what has gone before or what is likely to occur in the future. It helps us forget how emotional we are feeling!

This is our support system. This is how we manage to get from A-B with some semblance of normality and control!

Another aspect of living in the past and future is that it acts as an ‘anchor’ point for us. It defines where we have been and where we are going…setting future goals gives us a sense of comfort, knowing it’s good to have somewhere to head to. The reason we have aims and ambitions…

The difficulty with this is, that when we live this way it is pretty much impossible to be living in the moment, we aren’t ‘just BEing’!

If we are forever making plans or thinking about passed hurts or glories we cannot just BE.

We are here on earth to enjoy the ride. To sit back and watch without acting or controlling. To feel the glory of life without the dramas and need to run away!
This is our life.

Truly BEing in the moment is freedom beyond measure. No past, no future, jut this Moment.



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