Our Fragmented Self

aaaaafragmented spirit
Everyone and everything/ or experience we have in our life, leaves us with a residue of energy (unless of course we have healed it.)
What I mean by this is that we carry around with us part of the person or experience we encountered!
For instance; if we had a relationship break up, we will carry within us the energy of that situation. And unless healed it will remain within us always; dictating and running future relationships with others.
If we had an accident we will also carry the energy of that within us, affecting our fears and emotions each time we or others travel!
If we have had violent experiences, we carry this energy around with us believing that the world is an unsafe place to be in; full of violence and drama.
Our belief system then becomes one solely based in fear….
The energy remains in charge up until the moment it is acknowledged and healed. Or at least that is how it should be!
….We become aware of the energy created by these situations and we set about healing them….job done!!!!
What we don’t do though, is remove the energy that we have LEFT BEHIND with the person or situation. We heal what is inside of us; by transmuting this energy. But we do not heal; and most importantly ‘remove’ Our own energy. That energy invested in people or experiences.
Look at our old relationships; the ones that are very hard to let go of….
the person has gone yet we have left a part of us with them.
An accident; ours or some elses. It is over we/they are fully recovered yet we still have our enegy inside the accident!
The job we lost. It has been years since we were made redundant, fired or pensioned off. However, the energy we invested in it makes it feel as though it were yesterday.
Our parents, siblings, children; especially the ones we feel an extra hold over us. Friends and maybe even our colleagues. Each one of them having a little of us within their energy field.
Not to mention the people we pass in the street who; with the least amount of interaction somehow end up with a little of us in them!
I could go on to mention, the television, the news, the state of the world around us….where ever we invest our attention we are likely to leave a little more of us behind.
No wonder we have no energy to create a world we would love to live in. One where we are whole and fully present to lifes beautiful moments!!!
The good news though is there is something so simple yet so powerful you can do to make yourself once again whole.
Simple and powerful such an awesome duo…!
Take some time to concentrate on your lifes experiences and the people in it; past and present.
As you connect with each you will sense the ties you have left them with.
Say ‘ I remove my energy from……Who, where or what you left?
And in doing so I now transmute this energy and return it to its original source.’
That is it. That is all. You will find some have more energy invested in them than others.
You don’t have to do it all in one go, there’s no rush.
When you do, you will know how fragmented you have been. This is why our energy is depleted. This is why we feel powerless. And this is why we continue to live from fear!
Jacqueline Cullen.

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