No longer in Control….Yippee!!!


My life is no longer mine…  It is forever being moved, improved and informed by the Spirit of the Divine. I have given up completely the need to ‘run’ my life; for when I did, I felt pain and constriction. I felt powerless to that which I had no control. I believed I could change the world for the better…..

My ‘better’ has no real conception of ‘better’ or of ‘peace.’ It was one based on the thinking mind; the so called rational/logical mind.

We only have to take look at our world today to SEE how rational and logical our minds are!

The mind only ever churns out old information and tunnel vision beliefs. The mind and its corresponding thinking continue only to look at what has always been. At how things are’.

There are no answers or solutions to be found in old thinking. Its serves no one and progresses nothing!

“The definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same thing over and over again, yet expect a different outcome.” (Anon)

Yet this is exactly what we do in everyday life! We continue in abusive relationships, we let our bosses humiliate us, we tell ourselves we are overweight and need to diet; as we sit eating another burger…

Try getting out of your mind (not by drugs or alcohol :-)) Try listening to your Inner Compass and find another way of acting/reacting.

It can seem a little scary at first. But in time you will know that it is the only way to BE!

It has nothing to do with religion. But it has everything to do with your relationship to that ever present Divine energy. I have learnt how to live this way and today I know that I am ‘spirit in motion’, never knowing where I’m going. Never questioning that urge; that inkling that there is something about to happen or for me to go somewhere. I walk about with a curious look but know that whatever it is I am to do, is what spirit requires of me.

I am at the mercy of my Inner Compass; ready to change course at the drop of a hat. That is enough for me. It is all I need!


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