Spirit Denied!


Spirit Denied!

Lost; frozen in time.
Pain and humiliation
Rejection and human control.

Spirit suppressed by the desires
And egos of others
Ignorant to anything other than themselves!

Spirit denied; whilst life plays out
Over and over again.
Dramas; crisis; experiences of misery
And constriction.

Spirit thwarted in its pursuit of happiness.
To be happy is not for the ‘bad’.
Only the deserving could know happiness!

Spirit dead; without the light of love
To encourage its growth.
A life could not go on.

Spirit sucked up by anothers
Needs and domination.
This Spirit afraid for its life.

Not the natural state for Spirit
Now closed down; just waiting

…..For the final curtain to fall….


And; just at the right time….

Something inside shifted.
Life could never be the same again!

Spirit Uncovered;
Hidden deep within the fears.
The beliefs and behaviours
Sitting just beneath the human heart!

A Light so pure, so very Bright
Dancing with joy to the sound
Of the one Returned.

Welcome home, Dear One!

Jacqueline Cullen.
Planet Earth: The New School for the New Dimension.


Your New Upgraded Planet

ascension dna

Did you smell it in the air;

The sweet deliverance of joy on earth?
Did you notice its arrival;
Coming into your very Soul?

Did it stir you into listening;
To its new and unheard of message?
Did you awaken to its way of BEing;
Of participating anew?

If you did dear ones; Welcome.
So good to have you with us!
If you did; well done dear ones; for ‘answering the call.’
Welcome to your new; upgraded world!

Jacqueline Cullen
Planet Earth: The New School for the New Dimension.