Spirit Denied!


Spirit Denied!

Lost; frozen in time.
Pain and humiliation
Rejection and human control.

Spirit suppressed by the desires
And egos of others
Ignorant to anything other than themselves!

Spirit denied; whilst life plays out
Over and over again.
Dramas; crisis; experiences of misery
And constriction.

Spirit thwarted in its pursuit of happiness.
To be happy is not for the ‘bad’.
Only the deserving could know happiness!

Spirit dead; without the light of love
To encourage its growth.
A life could not go on.

Spirit sucked up by anothers
Needs and domination.
This Spirit afraid for its life.

Not the natural state for Spirit
Now closed down; just waiting

…..For the final curtain to fall….


And; just at the right time….

Something inside shifted.
Life could never be the same again!

Spirit Uncovered;
Hidden deep within the fears.
The beliefs and behaviours
Sitting just beneath the human heart!

A Light so pure, so very Bright
Dancing with joy to the sound
Of the one Returned.

Welcome home, Dear One!

Jacqueline Cullen.
Planet Earth: The New School for the New Dimension.


Your New Upgraded Planet

ascension dna

Did you smell it in the air;

The sweet deliverance of joy on earth?
Did you notice its arrival;
Coming into your very Soul?

Did it stir you into listening;
To its new and unheard of message?
Did you awaken to its way of BEing;
Of participating anew?

If you did dear ones; Welcome.
So good to have you with us!
If you did; well done dear ones; for ‘answering the call.’
Welcome to your new; upgraded world!

Jacqueline Cullen
Planet Earth: The New School for the New Dimension.

Advancing Conscious Awareness

We all have the ability to heal; it is not a gift but rather our True divine nature. It is a wonderful tool that we have been given to use on ourselves in any moment of the day or night. It is the …

Source: Advancing Conscious Awareness

Advancing Conscious Awareness


We all have the ability to heal; it is not a gift but rather our True divine nature. It is a wonderful tool that we have been given to use on ourselves in any moment of the day or night. It is the best resource that we can have within us for a lifetime of learning, understanding Spirit in our own life and using the ever present energies to release old fears and behaviour patterns.

It IS the font of all knowledge; all we have to do is keep the Intention of a deeper connection.

This is what Spirituality is all about…Individual relationship with the Divine Wisdom.

Practising Spiritual development is about being aware what it is we are carrying around inside of us; our feelings, beliefs and our thoughts both good and bad.

Having a conscious awareness of our outer life and all the dramas we may be attached to, gives us a very good idea of what our inner world of feelings and beliefs are!

In life we have relationships with our partners and children. These relationships give us joy and there is ‘never’ a time when we are not in a relationship with them; divorce and separation apart!

It is the same with Spirit. We are always in a relation its Divine Essence. It cannot be any other way.
In fact, we are more deeply in a relationship with the Divine then we are with any other connection! Relationships come, go and change. Spirit never does.

If we are not constantly maintaining this relationship with Spirit we will never achieve that silence space of peace we all seek and in these troubled times, we need that more than ever.

As we progress in our healing, we SEE that there is no separation between the human and Spirit just as there is no separation; between the body and brain. It is all connected.
I can see one (the body) but not the other (the brain) unless I use a special machine that enables me to view the brain from within.

And so this is the case with Spirit. I may not be able to see it, but if I sit quietly and focus my attention and intention I am able to SEE, FEEL and KNOW this most precious side of myself!

There is no veil of illusion just the illusion of the veil itself!

What stops us from becoming fully integrated humans and spirit is the fear that the other side; the unseen unknown side is a dark filled side. Fears handed down by those who want to keep us from believing that we are less than; that to be Divine is but for the chosen few!

Once you SEE this as false, you will KNOW yourself as a fully integrated Divine Human Being.

Jacqueline Cullen

Ascension: Living the New Earth Energies with Jacqueline Cullen | Event | TheSpiritGuides

Source: Ascension: Living the New Earth Energies with Jacqueline Cullen | Event | TheSpiritGuides

Workshop. Ascension: Living the New Earth Energies

Living the New Earth Energies with Jacqueline Cullen Ascension Master March 13th 2016 £50 13:00 – 17.00 In this truly unique workshop we shall be looking at: • Death of the Old World • The ch…

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No longer in Control….Yippee!!!


My life is no longer mine…  It is forever being moved, improved and informed by the Spirit of the Divine. I have given up completely the need to ‘run’ my life; for when I did, I felt pain and constriction. I felt powerless to that which I had no control. I believed I could change the world for the better…..

My ‘better’ has no real conception of ‘better’ or of ‘peace.’ It was one based on the thinking mind; the so called rational/logical mind.

We only have to take look at our world today to SEE how rational and logical our minds are!

The mind only ever churns out old information and tunnel vision beliefs. The mind and its corresponding thinking continue only to look at what has always been. At how things are’.

There are no answers or solutions to be found in old thinking. Its serves no one and progresses nothing!

“The definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same thing over and over again, yet expect a different outcome.” (Anon)

Yet this is exactly what we do in everyday life! We continue in abusive relationships, we let our bosses humiliate us, we tell ourselves we are overweight and need to diet; as we sit eating another burger…

Try getting out of your mind (not by drugs or alcohol :-)) Try listening to your Inner Compass and find another way of acting/reacting.

It can seem a little scary at first. But in time you will know that it is the only way to BE!

It has nothing to do with religion. But it has everything to do with your relationship to that ever present Divine energy. I have learnt how to live this way and today I know that I am ‘spirit in motion’, never knowing where I’m going. Never questioning that urge; that inkling that there is something about to happen or for me to go somewhere. I walk about with a curious look but know that whatever it is I am to do, is what spirit requires of me.

I am at the mercy of my Inner Compass; ready to change course at the drop of a hat. That is enough for me. It is all I need!

Our Fragmented Self

aaaaafragmented spirit
Everyone and everything/ or experience we have in our life, leaves us with a residue of energy (unless of course we have healed it.)
What I mean by this is that we carry around with us part of the person or experience we encountered!
For instance; if we had a relationship break up, we will carry within us the energy of that situation. And unless healed it will remain within us always; dictating and running future relationships with others.
If we had an accident we will also carry the energy of that within us, affecting our fears and emotions each time we or others travel!
If we have had violent experiences, we carry this energy around with us believing that the world is an unsafe place to be in; full of violence and drama.
Our belief system then becomes one solely based in fear….
The energy remains in charge up until the moment it is acknowledged and healed. Or at least that is how it should be!
….We become aware of the energy created by these situations and we set about healing them….job done!!!!
What we don’t do though, is remove the energy that we have LEFT BEHIND with the person or situation. We heal what is inside of us; by transmuting this energy. But we do not heal; and most importantly ‘remove’ Our own energy. That energy invested in people or experiences.
Look at our old relationships; the ones that are very hard to let go of….
the person has gone yet we have left a part of us with them.
An accident; ours or some elses. It is over we/they are fully recovered yet we still have our enegy inside the accident!
The job we lost. It has been years since we were made redundant, fired or pensioned off. However, the energy we invested in it makes it feel as though it were yesterday.
Our parents, siblings, children; especially the ones we feel an extra hold over us. Friends and maybe even our colleagues. Each one of them having a little of us within their energy field.
Not to mention the people we pass in the street who; with the least amount of interaction somehow end up with a little of us in them!
I could go on to mention, the television, the news, the state of the world around us….where ever we invest our attention we are likely to leave a little more of us behind.
No wonder we have no energy to create a world we would love to live in. One where we are whole and fully present to lifes beautiful moments!!!
The good news though is there is something so simple yet so powerful you can do to make yourself once again whole.
Simple and powerful such an awesome duo…!
Take some time to concentrate on your lifes experiences and the people in it; past and present.
As you connect with each you will sense the ties you have left them with.
Say ‘ I remove my energy from……Who, where or what you left?
And in doing so I now transmute this energy and return it to its original source.’
That is it. That is all. You will find some have more energy invested in them than others.
You don’t have to do it all in one go, there’s no rush.
When you do, you will know how fragmented you have been. This is why our energy is depleted. This is why we feel powerless. And this is why we continue to live from fear!
Jacqueline Cullen.

Living in the Moment

Meditating by the sea
Silhouette of young woman in lotus position sitting on the beach and medditating

If you notice your own thoughts, you will be aware that they are either thinking of the past or of the future!

Living this way means that we do not have to concentrate on what is happening now; how our emotions are and how they are making us feel….

…If we stopped in the present moment for any longer than a few seconds we would start to feel quiet uncomfortable, this is just too much for us to handle. So once again we begin to busy ourselves with tasks or with past and future thinking.

After all. It is much easier to let our thoughts linger on what has gone before or what is likely to occur in the future. It helps us forget how emotional we are feeling!

This is our support system. This is how we manage to get from A-B with some semblance of normality and control!

Another aspect of living in the past and future is that it acts as an ‘anchor’ point for us. It defines where we have been and where we are going…setting future goals gives us a sense of comfort, knowing it’s good to have somewhere to head to. The reason we have aims and ambitions…

The difficulty with this is, that when we live this way it is pretty much impossible to be living in the moment, we aren’t ‘just BEing’!

If we are forever making plans or thinking about passed hurts or glories we cannot just BE.

We are here on earth to enjoy the ride. To sit back and watch without acting or controlling. To feel the glory of life without the dramas and need to run away!
This is our life.

Truly BEing in the moment is freedom beyond measure. No past, no future, jut this Moment.


Merry Christmas

Hi Everyone.

Sending you all, very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.
May all the loving and positive seeds you’ve sewn in 2015 begin to germinate and flouish in this perfect one we are about to enter!

I know that times can often get really difficult and we feel so very afraid and trapped with nowhere to run.
And so follows our darkest of nights?

But please know…..

You are never alone. We are all here to support, nurture, encourage and love each other.
For we are one Being. We are always connected.

Healing is never ending. It knows where to go; even when we are asleep.
We are always giving and forever receiving the loving healing presence.

We need not ask permission to heal. This is ego speaking.
The Light does not ask to shine and so it is for healing.

Divine Presence knows who and where to heal…

From my heart to yours
Jacqueline Cullen.