Beyond the Shift (A New Dawn)

Although I have closed the Chapter in my life of Beyond the Shift: A New Dawn’ I still wanted to share the journey and corresponding knowings seen along the way.

I know that the words are still relevant for so many people experiencing this Shift at this time in our history and any support given, I’m sure will be truly welcomed!


The easiest thing to do is listen to someone else. The hardest thing to do is listen to yourself! From this moment on before you take on someone else’ experience/beliefs Connect with your own unique inner knowing. What have you learnt about life…what are YOUR experiences? Teachers are good, but they do not know YOUR experiences. From this perspective, you ARE your own teacher!

You have been there, you know what it is/was like and you know what you know because of this wonderful experience you call your life!!!

As we continue on with our own development/learnings, we become that bit more detached. Not in a ‘I don’t care’ type of detachment, but rather from the perspective of ‘The Observer.’ We See beyond the human and all our human difficulties. We see our ‘over attachments’ due to fear (ours) and we learn to See the Truth in all things. We assist by not assisting-if that makes sense? Thereby giving other people the space to ‘find’ what is right for them. Sometimes by doing too much we can hinder their progress and ours. Letting go does not mean ‘letting go of your loved ones’, it just means letting go of all the fears you have that leave you feeling emotionally, mentally and physically disempowered. As we cut these negative cords, we free ourselves and our loved ones leaving us with a relationship based only on Divine Love, All is well!


Our world, is OUR world. It is but a projection of all our thoughts, fears and beliefs. It is not the same world as your family, your friends or the rest of the human race. It cannot be, our experiences are unique and as such we call into our world all the experiences that reflect our inner fears, beliefs and the characters to play them out. All we have to be is Light. We do not have to do, say or be anything else. Knowing this sets us free to be ‘like the wind’, flowing effortlessly on, touching all but not controlling anything.


Life’s jigsaw

It never fit the way I wanted
And yet I always tried,
I’d squeeze and push, shout and scream
Scream until I cried.
Why wouldn’t it fit the way it should,
I worked hard at making it so,
But hard as I try and as much as I yelled
I still had no control!
I foolishly grabbed at this, and clung to that
What a complete waste of time,
How stupid I was to think that life would fit
this ridiculous dream of mine.
Like a piece of jigsaw belonging elsewhere
I slotted it in, desperately trying to make it fit,
But no matter what I tried, and how much I cried
I just couldn’t make it knit.

And one day whilst I was resting
I heard a distant voice within say…
“Hey big lugs, yes you up there,
Why are you not listening”?
Forget the jigsaw and what fits where
It doesn’t matter what you are doing,
Let go of the certainties and control
and trust in yourself; …your inner knowing.
It doesn’t matter where you are or what you will do next,
It only matters that you have lived
a life without any regrets!

If you are holding a vision…you are not BEING.
Let go of the vision to SEE!!!


Death is all around me
Death is all around me I sense its timely entrance.
Be away with the old, the rotten and the stale
Be away with the stench of all so fowl.

I am that death, it resides in me
I am that death and the I
That I was, has ceased to be.
I have evolved like the caterpillar
Into the butterfly,
I spread my wings with joy and fly.
I fly to another place
Where i become we
And we are but one face.
I fly to another world
So different from this
No longer trapped
I feel the winds kiss.
I am free to dance and to sing,
I make up my life
…On the prayer of a wing!


I dare to live my dream

I dare to live as happily as I can.

I dare to live my dream

And whatever happens I will deal with it.

I have learnt how strong I am

I have learnt how courageous I am.

And yet at the same time, I am still afraid.

Always afraid, but never again will I give in to fear.

How precious the moment is

Each second a gift from God.

And although there may be sadness and pain,

The world continues to delight me.

My world so different from yours,

And yet; inextricably linked through God.

You do not share my world.

And I do not share yours.

But, at the same time we are one,

And the journey is ours to tread.

Be unafraid on your journey

Know that you are never alone.

Remember to live, to laugh with joy

Remember to live your dream!


Do You Know…

“Do you know where you are”?
She did ask of me,
“I cannot say I do”, I said
But now us two are we.

“Do you know what to do”?
He kindly asked of me
“I cannot say I do” I said
But now us three are we.

“Do you know if all will be fine”?
The rest they asked of me
“I cannot say we will” I said
But together we will see

“Do you know the way of light”?
They all did ask of me
“Oh Yes! I said with certainty
It’s right here with you and me!

budda light



I felt the winds kiss

I felt the winds kiss
As I walked on by
I saw a moonbeam dance,
In the corner of my eye.

I heard the birds singing
In their house up in the tree
I knew that they were there
Putting on a show for me.

They reminded me that life
Is here for me to live
And from the moment I participate
…The more that they would give.


Reconnect to the women within

In this world of ours today, women are having more problems than ever conceiving as well as having difficulties with menstrual and physical ailments like cancer of the womb, breasts and other female specific illnesses. I believe these difficulties are to do with the separation from our innate sense of feminine. We only have to look around us today at our young women’s behaviour; aggression, hate, violence, drinking, eating & drug taking to see how far removed from our true feminine nature we have become.

The sixties were the start of the sexual revolution where we ‘burnt’ our bras and demanded equal rights. We were shown how to connect with the power that man had the right to. We were shown that we too could act in the same ways that man did.
And so with this power came the need to do, to act to run business’s, governments and societies. We have more women in business today than ever, but in asserting our ‘rights to equality’ we have lost our way!

Women today have become much more masculine than at times man is. This is not how we are meant to be. And this is why our world is out of alignment. It’s not about women being housewives or subservient to man. It’s about women being feminine owning and honouring the the sacred feminine.
True power does not come from running business and people. True power does not mean that we have to ‘do’ or ‘be’ something to be a powerful woman. True power is knowing and owning your vulnerabilities as a woman and yet, also knowing your own inner strength. It is from within that we master control of our lives, not outside controlling others and the environment around us. It is not a weakness to be woman, it is a weakness ‘not’ to.

It is not now time for the sake of our children and the world to bring back our true essence…nurturing, compassionate, loving, supporting, giving, sharing and caring. Our world is in desperate need of these most wonderful qualities. Let us run our homes, our business, our lives from these beautiful qualities, qualities based on love And most importantly…let us just be women and leave men to be what they are…men! It is time to bring the ‘softness’ back to our localities, to our relationships and to ourselves. Honour your true nature, honour the woman within.


Winter is here but new beginnings carry on as always, regardless of season! As the new energies materialize out into the wider world. It is like it is a new year and not the end of one (in the Christian sense.) This phenomenon has been most apparent to me lately- first I lost all sense of time and days of the week and now there is no sense of months or time of year. Spring was always my favourite time of the year but that too has gone! Time (no time) rolls on and on and as it does, this way of living in the moment has become the norm. As I tune into the energies around me, I have become better able to connect with this world and Mother Earth as it should be!


Times are changing!

Already we see change happening all around us as we speak. Just look at the global Occupy Movement and regime changes/battles in the Middle East. Add to that the financial, educational, medical and political institutes all being forced to change to bring in new ways that are much more for the good of all as opposed to the good of a few…all these changes are happening now. Mother Earth is evolving along with her children, and yes there will inevitably be a little bit of rough and tumble but we can handle it. We are made of sterner stuff you and I and with our intentions set at Unity consciousness we will assist in birthing these new energies.

Many people are hearing about these changes-some as if a catastrophe is about to occur, others who care not either way! But if you sit in stillness for a while, you will begin to sense these changes. You cannot fail to! It’s just like the sense of excitement we get around Christmas or any other celebration but here one is unable to pin it down. What is it that feels different, and why?
If we are willing to find the Truth of what is happening and go within, we will know the connection between what is being talked about and what is being experienced.
Go on I dare you, go within!!!


And all of a sudden…. I saw the Truth!!!
I saw the Truth of the all I AM.
The darkness I feared was not the darkness of a world unseen as I had believed.
It was the darkness of the world I had surrounding me.
As I saw this Truth, the veil was removed and I was forever immersed in the Light.
All illusion disappeared, no veil of separation.
The simple knowing that I AM here, I AM there and I AM everywhere and Nowhere all at the same time encompassed me and set my free!


The greatest gift you can give yourself, is the gift of self- discovery. The greatest and most courageous journey you could take is the journey into you!



In the middle of the swirl am I. The swirl begins with me radiates outwards and then comes back to me.
All the characters on the periphery are reflections/aspects of myself.
All my fears; beliefs; behaviours; attitudes; language; darkness and light.
For are they not but constructs I have built in my life? If I am the creator of my life, have I not created these relationships and situations?


Shifting further along the ‘wave’ to 5th dimensional living

Family and friends gone, disappeared as though they never existed. It’s as though I have been picked up and placed in another setting, another play. A play not yet revealed. It’s not a scary place but a strange place, like I’m in a foreign world observing the natives, trying to grasp their language their rules for life even. I feel like an intruder as if I don’t belong; which I no longer do. I’m not who I was but as yet not who I am….


I left behind all that I imagined myself to be…and I am glad!


Ignorance is NOT bliss!

I remember growing up and using reading to cut out what was going on around me; noise, rowing, fighting, fear of not having enough food or money. It was easy to do this and it felt safe. I could and did ignore the truth of what my life was about, it was too painful to accept and I didn’t want it to be like this…to believe that life was painful and that it hurt…a lot! So I ignored it, I chose to put my sites on somewhere and something else and concentrate on that, making a picture that wasn’t whole somehow fit into a dream of mine. That is how it was for many years until I SAW what I had been doing!

Many of us today are doing the same thing, we can see what is going on around us but we are not truly SEEing. We do not want to admit what we have helped to create this world of ours and for whatever reason that is specific to us as individuals, we do not want to accept, violence, hate, resentment or any other of these feelings, fear or beliefs we carry inside of us. We are told that it is not right to get angry or be afraid yet we watch those close to us doing this very thing. Not only this but we ‘feel’ the energy of their emotions but unable to articulate them, we hold them inside of every cell in our being.

Before we can make the changes needed in this world of ours today we have to ACCEPT that things aren’t right, for how can we make any real and lasting changes if we cannot accept that which needs to change, our hidden fears and beliefs. Surely we will create more ignorance, not love and light?


On my headstone when I am gone from this world:

“No Regrets”

A Spiritual Warrior has no regrets, for nothing is lost or gained it is only experienced and then forgotten!


Open your heart to see your own Divinity. You do not have to wait for it to come to you. It is here inside of you.

Accept this as the Truth and know always, that you already are and always have been your Sacred destination… there is nowhere for you to travel!


It makes no difference what name you call the Truth of all that is. Be it Muhammed, God, Jesus Christ, Buddha, Divinity or any other I have not mentioned. It only matters that you find the Truth within. For the Truth within me is also the Truth within you. We just have different ways of getting to it!


Igniting the Spark Within

Many people only think about changing their habits, behaviours and lives if something threatening has happened either to them or to a loved one. It is only at these times that they feel a need to make life one that is truly worth living. No more will they blindly go through each day, but instead start choosing what it is they actually want to have in their life and what works and doesn’t work for them. Seeing what is real and discarding what is false.

I was fortunate in that my own experience of a ‘wake up’ call (my calling) was very gentle but equally like a tsunami that would change my life forever!

I remember sitting outside during a lunch break on a sunny, yet breezy March day. The sun was shining on my head, and the breeze although broken by some shrubs was whipping up a sound to drown out all others sounds. As I sat there with my head empty and in a daydream I became aware of this overwhelming feeling of love for everything and everyone around. This feeling enveloped me making me feel part of the All That Is. With this came a deep sense of peace like I had never experienced before.

A door to the unknown had been opened to me and I did not want it to stop! About a week later I had the same experience but this time it was not as long. I knew right there and then that I would never be the same again, and made it my life’s work to open and look behind all other doors so that I might eventually discover the one that would lead me to a place of complete immersion and connection to All that is, to Love and to light.

It hasn’t been an easy journey and many times I have wanted to give up. But no matter how bad things got or how bad I felt, I couldn’t something always urged me on. It was the search for the light, the light that is always there inside of me but also just ahead of me guiding me on through the darkness, showing me my next step and the next and the next. And for each step I took into the light, I unravelled an untruth a falsehood leaving all what was not of the light behind me. And as I go further in to the light, I find myself becoming lighter and lighter until eventually one day with my body gone, I will be nothing and everything just as the light is.

What could you discard today as you too take your next step into the light?


Birthing the New Earth

I remember when I was giving birth to my first son. I was so very tired battling with the discomfort and pain and trying desperately to get it over with as quick as possible…. it though continued on and on seemingly never-ending. And no matter how much I tried, my little baby still wasn’t going to come out. Even so I still struggled and battled on finding it hard not being in control of the situation. As it was my first birth and not knowing what was happening I found the whole thing quite scary. Each time a doctor or nurse would come into the room and just as quickly leave again, I would feel more and more anxious believing I would give birth the second they left the room! I so wanted it to end, but needless to say it just seemed to get worse. On and on the hours went and oh how tired I got. At one point in the midst of the discomfort I had this thought that all I wanted to do, was to close my eyes and my legs (apologies for the graphics) and go to sleep. But from somewhere deep down inside of me I heard this little voice say “it’s got to come out.” And right at that moment I knew this to be true. It didn’t matter how tired I got or how much discomfort I was in, or even the fact that I no longer wanted to be in this situation…it (my baby) had to come out. And in that moment, I surrendered…I surrendered and gave in to what was a truly amazing experience. And as I surrendered, it appeared that in no time at all he was born…

We are experiencing the same in our lives now as the new earth is being birthed. At times when all feels hopeless and the discomfort and frustrations we are carrying seem too much to bare, we may feel also that we too want to close our eyes and ‘legs’ and be left alone to sleep…especially when we feel the energies are too strong for us to cope with. It is in these moments that we should remind ourselves that ‘it has to come out’ and as we remember we can ‘let go’, ‘surrender’ and sit in the tranquility of ‘acceptance’.


The silent space became a sacred place for me to learn and grow. In the still silence I heard… I saw… I became all that I could be. The Truths I learnt, I could feel within and they did set me free.


It is now the time to come together as ONE, to remember each and every one of us is capable of changing the societies we live in by embracing and being love. Forming a community consciousness, acting in and living in this way we can achieve much joy and prosperity for all.


Acknowledging the human in us

One thing that appears apparent to me is in our search for Spirit we forget to live fully integrated as a human. It is the same as ‘running’ away…just another form. If we look at what is beyond the world we are in now, then we do not have to face up to what is happening inside of it. Thereby not being a fully responsible being. Yes, we are here to do the work on ourselves both psychologically and spiritually but somehow we forget to take into account our ‘humanness’. Whilst we are living in this world, we are human and in this human being we must learn to accept all parts of ourselves…the good, the bad and the downright ugly. So, when I ask a question like what do I mean to me? for instance, we need to remember what we mean to us as a human being not skip to what I am as Spirit. Most of us know who I AM, we just need to learn about who I am as human! And, I sense that this is a huge part of why we feel the loss. Not just because of the shifting energies but also because our not acknowledging who we were or are now leading to feelings of disconnect.



Love is letting someone be to live their own life, good, bad or indifferent. Even if it goes against everything you believe and feel you should/could do. If they genuinely want your help, they will ask. Other than that, leave them alone. You do not need to rescue and save. That is their job/responsibility. Awareness, acceptance and commitment to change, is how heroes are born!


In life we generally have an idea of what others mean to us, and perhaps a sense of what we mean to them. But if we asked ourselves the question “what do I mean to Me” can we say with all certainty what that is? This is perhaps one of the most important questions we could ask of ourselves as it gives us a real understanding of our own relationship to the self. And yet amazingly, most of us have never even contemplated doing so! Perhaps then, today is the day we do ask this question. Make sure however, to truly listen to and feel what the answer is. Take time out to ask and time to listen and to hear…


The Time For Me is Now!

Growing up as a child and an adult I was always told that one had to always think of others and that my own needs came secondary…in fact way further down than that, depending who or what was making the loudest noise. That to look out for and take care of others was my duty and if I should even dare to think of my own needs well then I was just selfish and greedy. Not just in the family was I told to care about others needs, but at school and the world around me. Today we are manipulated by the media to give to this and that, by our religious leaders and politicians who are always telling us to give. Even in these times of financial meltdown we are expected to give and yet we see them take. Always taking and taking and taking…

And this is how it continued for many years, putting everyone’s needs before my own. Forgetting about or too scared to ask for something I would like to have or experience. And so I gave, and I gave, and I gave. Always giving support and comfort to others, donating and volunteering for Charity, to the commitment of self-discovery (because of course I was flawed) and never asking for anything in return. I must admit I became exhausted and held the mentality “what about me, when will it be my turn?”. My turn never appeared…no major manifests that I had so been working on, no real shift in my outer world (many in the inner) nothing that I could look at and see how far I had come in this world of ours. And I grew even more tired and disillusioned. After all, shouldn’t I receive a reward for all the hard work I have done. Shouldn’t I have something to show for all the struggles I have endured? I have fought every demon that has lived inside of me, every fear I overcame…not because someone helped me or gave me a magic wand to make it disappear. But because I was brave enough to acknowledge my weakness’ and fears, face them head on and push through them, even when it took me further away from the connections of family and friends. I have worked hard at life, I have become a champion but without the medals to prove it! I am at the point now where I know that I have a choice to give, one based on knowledge as opposed to manipulation by others. Yes, it is correct to think of those who are struggling and in serious need of our love and help. But it is also correct to say “no” sometimes, especially when those around you are expecting you to give yet they continue to take. Emotional guilt has a huge impact on how we act and react and this is why it is very important to be discerning. Listening from your inner well of knowing and not from your gut wrenching discomfort that comes from manipulation.

I have worked hard at life, I continue to work hard at life…for myself and the world around me and I feel comfortable receiving the rewards from doing so. Guilt will no longer reside here. It is good and healthy to think of what I need, if not I give without love. I give from a place of resentment and anger. I give from jealousy and small mindedness. And I give because of a sense of misguided duty or loyalty.

No more…I give because I happily receive.

Balance in all things brings harmony, I bring into balance that which has bought disharmony. The time for ME is now, I have shown up to collect my medals!


We do not need to look for meaning or lessons or purpose. We do not need to look for anything. Just experience that which is. Take out all reason, emotion and the stories we play and we are left with experience. For we are both the Experiencer and the Experience!


Plot your course accordingly, even if you can’t see it…

Know that it is there, just over the horizon!


For many years now I have been working with and assisting in birthing the energies of our new dawn of consciousness. As is always the case, I started the work on myself which then rippled out and became about humanity as a whole. These are amazing times to be living in, even if you cannot relate to what I am saying, on a subtle level you cannot fail to feel these changes taking place inside of you.

It has been a strange journey at times filled with uncertainty, trepidation and fear. At other times a sense that I may be finally losing it”! But in every step of the way a sense that whatever it is I do, must be done. I do not have a faith as such, or a place to worship in the traditional sense and I do not have a deity to bow before and honour. What I do have however is an inner and outer knowing that there is an essence so powerful, so pure and so very True that informs me, guides me and leads the way to the next step and the next one after that with a quietness that is not demanding or condemning and therefore frees me to choose what is right for me.

Back in February of 2011 my friend Annie and I holidayed in Portugal. We slept, ate, drank, karaoked and mused whilst walking on the beach. The perfect rest and relaxation. We had done this three years earlier, a few months after the death of my mother. This time I was looking to have some fun and chill out…but things turned out so very different and our lives were to be changed forever. We experienced a paradigm shift of such magnificent proportions that life would never be the same again. We had catapulted to another space and time. It is to this space that we want to take others, those who are ready to experience the unexperienced!

Touching the Truth has been set up to share this amazing experience with all who are ready to shift. At the moment it is for women only due to logistics, but soon will be open to men.

Come and share our experience of shifting in our sacred journey at Touching the Truth. Now is the time for all to answer the call of ascension, to birth the new energies and assist in bringing the new dawn.


You have the choice right there within you to either live in heaven or live in hell. Close your eyes and see which one resides there with you. If it is hell, change your thinking patterns to thoughts of love and joy. It is your decision… what will you choose?


Going With The Flow

Each time we try to make something happen we are setting ourselves up for disappointment and depressive thinking and feeling. Thinking we are the ones in control we go about our daily struggles of DOING, DOING and even more DOING. Then one day when things aren’t going the way we want them to we decide that it is all too much and we quit. What is the point, what is this all about we say to ourselves?

Our mission is to ‘let go’, let go of doing and controlling. Let go of the belief that we have to make things happen…each time you have this belief you are affirming to yourself that there is no ONE that will do it for you…that you will have to DO it for yourself. Let go and KNOW that if you go with the flow and not fight against it, life becomes a peaceful place for you to dwell in. Trust beyond yourself that ALL is as it should be and that you are always supported. Let go, allow yourself to feel and see this omniscient presence.


As I let go of fear I close my eyes and leap head first into the unknown, knowing that the Known is waiting for me!


As we go through the process of ‘shifting’ we start to release old emotions, fears, behaviours, relationships and limitations of all kind. Many times we may feel emotional and not know why. We may also be feeling a sense of loss, perhaps some of you may know why this is, others not…they just have a sense that they are saying “goodbye” to something. We are sailing turbulent waters it seems without a paddle feeling lost and having no or little control over our lives. Situations come into our lives and as quickly back out again and One gets a sense that it is not worth making plans because tomorrow they will all change!

Know that whatever you are experiencing at this time will not last, it will settle and you will See beyond what you See now. The understandings you have at this moment about life will be turned upside down on their heads and from there you will have new understanding, knowing and seeing.


Make this day the day you believe in YOU…your abilities, your strength, your wisdom, your choices. Make this the day you say “Yes I can do anything I set my mind to”.



The Grieving Period

During these times of historical change, we may be experiencing a sense of loss, as though we are grieving even if outwardly there is no obvious reason for it. As we go through our days feeling we have come to the end of something, we may feel a heaviness hanging over us and not knowing why or what to do about it we feel even more laden.

I see this phase as the grieving phase…a place where we can let go of all that no longer fits or works for us. It is a time to sit and ‘BE’. So very much is changing and no amount of wishing otherwise is going to help. For many, these changes are not only not wanted but also scary…after all, life is no longer the structure we had set up. The foundations are no longer there, and we are left ‘hanging’ with nothing to grab hold of.

Take this time now to ‘grieve’. Grieve for the life you have lost…your identity, relationships, beliefs even. Grieve and support yourself in a loving way-just as you would someone else. Acknowledge (even if you don’t want it to be true) that life is not what it once was. Honour your life, your experiences…even the bad ones. Say goodbye to ‘you’ and wait until you know the time is right to move on and into the next phase of your existence.

Adios, but not goodbye!

Beyond the Shift book cover


Before we can let go of anything, we first have to ACKNOWLEDGE its presence. Once we have done this we then need to OWN it, even if it is very painful to do so. When we own our pain or fears we are then able to LET GO and we are free. This is how we become whole again.


Do you remember in history when they said the world was flat, or that the idea of man reaching the moon could never be done. Or even that man would never beat the four minute mile…try telling this to all of those that discovered the truth. And in so doing, opened up the way for man, to go beyond much more than anyone could ever imagine. This is a paradigm shift of magnitude. This is the 2012 shift that many speak of, but none really know the truth of.


Our light is what is needed now more than ever. Let us then look not at our deepest, darkest fears but rather our purest brilliance that shines within. Let us focus on the wonderful changes that are happening in our world today…they are there if you start to look. You will ‘see’ that laying just beneath the seemingly chaotic, there is positive change. Many people, perhaps for the first time are beginning to look outwards to others to support and nurture. Institutions are revolutionising their working systems to take into account the wider world. Our light is growing stronger…and as we come together we become stronger and our intentions for a life of community becomes manifest. We are that change…we are the new world…we are the vision. Let us then share it with others that they may also ” be the change.”



And after my lover has gone, my family and friends are no more. When my material life has dissolved and returned to ashes and all is left is me. I will BE and feel the same as I do right now. For my happiness is not dependent on others and things but rather on who I was and am before time began!


And as I continue to ‘shift’ I feel as though I live without any sense of perspective, nothing to hang on to as all that was has crumbled away. Have I completely lost it…probably! Living in a space that has never been occupied before is very strange indeed and the ‘waiting game’ continues as one sits with arms open awaiting the new!


Shifting with Positive thinking

Being a positive person means taking responsibility for yourself, for your own life. It means taking responsibility for your actions and feelings. They are yours, and you are the only one who can influence them. It’s no use waiting for the outside world to change, because it won’t.

Positive thinking is a way of living the life you have always imagined. In the past you may have seen your world as a place of sadness, madness even. Of a place you have no control over. Being positive gives you control. It gives you the belief that you can actively change your world for the better.

The old saying “you are what you think” is very true.

If you believe the world is an unsafe place full of bad people- then that’s how it will be. If, on the other hand, you see the world as friendly, loving and full of possibilities, you guessed it- that’s how it will be for you. How you view your world is exactly how it will be mirrored back to you!

Positive thinking is not about ignoring the pain and heartache we feel when we have lost someone or something but it’s about embracing all of life’s lessons and growing through them! It’s about choosing thoughts that help you grow mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Think about the times you have had limiting beliefs and been proven right!

“I never can find anything to fit”

“I’m not lucky in love” “Every time I get on this motorway, there’s always a traffic jam”

Of course you can’t find the dress or a loved one and perhaps you feel there isn’t enough business, money, time. Of course you always get stuck in traffic. Because you had already set yourself up, EVEN BEFORE YOU LEFT THE HOUSE!!!

You are probably not even aware of half the limiting beliefs you have. And I bet you that most of your fears don’t even belong to you. You’ve probably inherited them from others around you.

You may well have been dealt a difficult hand. But what matters from this moment on is what you decide to do. Do you give up or do you try to make the most of that hand.

Positive thinking is about acknowledging all these fears, seeing them for what they are and choosing a life free of negativity!


Perhaps you sit and wait for the veil to be removed through others and the world around you. What is not realised is that the veil is within. Remove this and all you seek is before and within you. You are the one who keeps up the illusion. You are the one who can remove it. It is easy, go within and remove this so you become fully the ALL THAT IS each and every moment of your day. Integrate your ONENESS whilst living as a human. There is no veil, just the illusions we create to make it so!



Sitting underneath the tears

laying just beneath the fears,

far away from the noise of chatter

and where all that occurs does not matter.

This is the place where Truth and love abide.

Where stillness and completion sit side by side.

For this is the place of the All That Is,

the Oneness of life, where all is bliss.

Away from emotional attachments and self-imposed limit

To that place of reconnection, of light and of Spirit!


A lot of us are experiencing a sense of grief as though we have lost something huge from our lives which seems to be increasing as the energies continue to transmute and change. New energies have come into this world of ours shifting all the old that no longer sustains us. All we can do is BE and let these feelings come up for release. If you like to write, get all these feelings of yours down onto paper-it s a great therapeutic tool and assists in releasing the emotional energies attached to these feelings. Afterwards you can burn it or shred the paper as a way of letting it go. It is a very simple but also very powerful exercise.

Do not be afraid of your emotions; I know that they are overwhelming at times and most of us have not had the training to deal with them. But trust that acknowledging and accepting their presence is a big step in releasing the power they have over you. You are always in control of your feelings and behaviours…it may not feel like it at times but you are. Use whatever resource you have to ride this rollercoaster we are on at this time. ..meditation, relaxation techniques, simple breathing exercises, gardening, walking in nature. Whatever is your preferred method make us of it, you will feel much more in control.

Most importantly, listen to your own wisdom no matter what others say to you or what you may hear in the media or through others fears. Look within. Trust your own inner guide…this is the source of All That Is.


I looked beyond the human and in that moment I saw…

I looked into the vastness, and in that moment I knew…

I looked into the depth of my own being, stared fear in the face…

And in that moment I saw beyond all beliefs, all rules, limitations and illusions…

For in that moment I ceased to exist!


I woke up from my sleep to find the shackles of life removed. And I was reborn of Love and joy. Where once there was me… now there is ONE.

Hello world!!!


With the ever growing feeling of the new Divine Feminine moving through and all around us we may sense the emotional turbulence it brings about before finally centering in Love and Oneness. Do not let it stay with you but let it pass through to cleanse and heal the remnants of the old.

Happy New Year to one and ALL. Happy New World to the ONE!!!


In my weakness, lies strength. In my ignorance lies Wisdom and in my vulnerability lies the courage to change. Moving into this new arena of knowing moves me closer to the Divine within.


We are the new light in this world. Let us shine for all to see and feel. Let this light fill everyone and everything as we walk out as ONE. You do not need to think about how you go about doing this or what resources you need. All you need is INTENTION to shine. May the new light glow brightly inside your heart and mind.


The Unfolding

First he stirs, This way and that Nothing feeling right. Not knowing which way to go He moves blindly ahead Not seeing, not hearing just moving.

Not hearing a sound he misses all opportunity to learn. Blindly going about his day like the living dead, Unaware of the treasures around him, of the song in the air.

Unaware of the needs of others. Even his own needs ignored. Then one day he awakens! A sense that something’s not right. What it is he does not know…

Yelling out to God he screams that” life is not fair”. How could he leave him abandoned when he needed him most.

How could he let him live in a world full of pain. Surely there must be more to life than this, otherwise, what would be the point.

And although he is awake, he still does not see. He continues to blame others, to blame God, to blame the world.

You see. He feels that he plays no part in creating the life he has. He feels helpless, powerless to make an impact. He has become pitiful.

Carrying so much baggage with him he continues on, feeling more and more laden with responsibility, hate and pain. Bitterness has become his companion, loneliness his guide. His light slowly fizzing out. His eyes blank and dead!

And then he knows! He sees for the first time his life as he has created it. He sees that the pain and sorrow he carries, is his own. Something inside has changed. No longer the victim he lifts himself up, Creating a life that shines so bright that others are attracted to him and want to learn how they too can create this life.

They too want to know…and on it goes, spreading far and wide. More and more people rejoicing in…

The Unfolding of life!

Written by Jacqueline Cullen


Update on Shifting

For the first time, I am truly in this moment with no sense of future moments but a knowing of what I have to do even if I do not know how to get there. All visualisation skills have gone, when I close my eyes I see emptiness (expanded emptiness all be it) and it is as though there truly is no other moment just one continuous moment. No past and no future which is very good because this is how humans spend there time. Either looking back or looking ahead, avoiding what is in the present. A real sense of this being the only moment there is and even though I am still getting frustrated at times with the need to know what I am doing next or even when, I am beginning to accept this moments space as it is whilst truly trusting in the Divine knowing that all is as it should be.

I do not have the power in me to make things happen. I am depleted…empty and I surrender.
…….Now I am filled with Light!


When the ego has lost its fight to do and control, only then will we know true surrender…humility by its other name.


When you can SEE above the fears, the stories and dramas, the sorrows, blame and regret only then you will meet with Divine Truth!


Could I describe Truth and Eternity to you?
No my friend I cannot.
You would need to experience it for yourself to know.



Symptoms of the shift (A Reminder)

Loss and endings: loved ones, long-term friendships, jobs, finances, status, sense of purpose, identity, belief system.
Loneliness: when nobody else is at the same point in development as you.
Emotional tenderness, mood swings.
Heightened sensitivity to smell, sound, and taste.
Physically dropping or bumping into things.
Visions and new insight.
Sleep disturbance.
Feeling that you are going crazy and or losing your mind.
Re-visiting habits and patterns you thought resolved.
Unity consciousness.
Feeling an overwhelming love for all of humanity and the planet.
Losing track of “time”. This can show up as missing appointments, being late for meetings, or not even knowing exactly what day it is!
Hearing high pitch tones and may also be accompanied by a pressure in one or both ears.
A heightened sense of “not being on the planet” which may also express itself as a sense of detachment.
A general feeling of anxiety brought on by energies flooding throughout the body.
See More


I, must be my frame of reference, my starting point, my guide in life and in death.
I, is always here with me, even when in disguise.
If i use this as my guide, then i know that I will never be separate, can never be alone.
Even when outside of me the world may be falling apart.



The need to be right over others and our continuing power struggles with those around us is like a game of tennis where we keep hitting the ball backwards and forwards, until one or the other is defeated.
To stop playing the game of ‘the need to be right’, one only has to NOT return the ball.
That is true power!


As we go through the process of ‘shifting’ we start to release old emotions, fears, behaviours, relationships and limitations of all kind. Many times we may feel emotional and not know why. We may also be feeling a sense of loss, perhaps some of you may know why this is, others not…they just have a sense that they are saying “goodbye” to something. We are sailing turbulent waters it seems without a paddle, feeling lost and having no or little control over our lives. Situations come into our lives and as quickly back out again and One gets a sense that it is not worth making plans because tomorrow they will all change! And as I continue to ‘shift’ I feel as though I live without any sense of perspective, nothing to hang on to as all that was has crumbled away. Have I completely lost it…probably! Living in a space that has never been occupied before is very strange indeed and the ‘waiting game’ continues as one sits with arms open awaiting the new.
It appears that many of us are unable to connect with anything lasting at this time.
This is because the energies are in constant motion.
One day it is like you can grasp hold of something…
the next, it is gone.
Don’t try to hold onto anything, let it flow through you. When the time is right, it will stay a while longer!

Further along the shift!

A I continue to evolve nothing stays for any length of time. An idea comes and then it goes. The energy is shifting so very fast that it is unable to contain anything for too long. I experience myself as human and as a most expansive universe also. All sense of anything outside of me has gone…there are no others to look to, no others to follow…scary seeing as I have lived a long time following Spirit, God or whatever else you like to describe it as. My recent outer wordly experience showed me something beyond these concepts, something so vast but unnamed! Can I describe this to you…no I cannot, that you would need to experience for yourself.
All sense of reality gone which at times has left me questioning my own sanity which is exactly what one would experience as the real becomes unreal and we create anew. We realise the truth in all the illusions we have created in our world were nothing but that, illusions and now they have dissolved away with our old sense of reality. Nothing exists but space, no sense of body mass density between my physical body and the universe as it has let go of any separation between self and the ONE.


Many of you are aware of the changes going on both outside of you and inside. One that I feel becomes harder (but controllable) is operating in a world full of people!
As my energy continues to become more its true essence…lighter and finer I feel at times as though I am being assaulted-physically attacked by those around me (this is no exaggeration). Loved ones also!
Being around people does appear to get harder and being in groups of people I’ve realised, is definately a No No!!!
I spent New year with 29 people and did all I could to get away from them, to find a quite space. They are lovely people, it’s just all those energies together tend to be all consuming.
Be aware yourself how this too could be affecting you. In many instances there is not much you can do, especially if you have to go to work. Whereever you are though, find a little space to be alone so that you can re-charge the batteries. Being around people can be quite draining, make sure to look after yourself.



When I first became aware of this Shift that is rippling through our world and within myself; I truly believed that I was going to be picked up by Spirit and magically transported to another realm. A realm so perfect I imagined it to be like heaven!

Oh how I looked forward to this! I wondered how and when it would happen. I wondered about how it would affect my relationships with family and friends? Especially as they were not remotely interested in anything Spiritual or shifting!

I was scared that I would lose them all. At the same time though excited about the changes going on.

I worked hard on connecting ever more with Spirit, facing each long held fear; belief; behaviour with the knowledge that I will be rewarded with my Ascension.

…When it didn’t come I was disillusioned and slightly angry. After all, what was it all about? Dedicating myself ever more to a cause that I began to feel was futile! In hindsight I can see that it was all part of the process. As are all good lessons in discipline!

Even when I thought I was not on path, my inner knowing kept me going. Even when I thought I would just ‘stop’, my inner wisdom stayed with me.

I still have my own stuff to deal with and happy that I am continually releasing them, but the person I am now is unrecognizable in every way! I AM SPIRIT and the LIGHT of ALL. I do not need to be in another dimension to BE this; I already AM.

And as the years go on and I still live in the same place with my family and friends and although I may not be DOING as much as I once used to; I have learnt that the shift taking place is not to catapult me up the Divine ladder but rather to shift my human being as I live in the human body!

So. Instead of sitting and waiting for the Spirit to propel you to the ‘next dimension’; use that energy to progress our world. Let’s not jump ship but rather stay and nurse/nurture the self and our saddened but beautiful world.

As we continue to shed the density of body, we are much better situated to assist in this amazing transformation!

Use that Light within you to shine on our planet. Use that Light in you to illumine your own path. Let this light shine for others to bathe in now… this world needs it more than ever!


The Illusion is not that you are ‘lonely’ of people, animals or things!

But rather that you are separated from Spirit!

Let your inner self connect to your ‘Original being’

And you will never be lonely again!


He flies

He spreads his wings and flies,

For he is free.

Free to touch the highest summit,

To see just what the Eagle sees.
Free to hear the farthest sounds,

To wallow in the myriad of sights and smells.

Smells just like magic has cast its spell.

And on he soars over mountains and seas.

Never wanting to stop.
For he is free!