Calming Minds Centre for Spirituality

Conscious Awareness


     Spiritual Awakening   


Calming Minds Centre for Spirituality offers a warm and relaxing place for the perfect healing, sharing and teaching environment,

The Centres aim is to bring together all those seeking a vision for higher living. Whether beginner, practitioner or master, all needs are catered for! Healing courses; angel talks; relaxation sessions; self-development; workshops and much more besides. All Soup for the Soul…
We encourage visiting therapists and teachers to share with us their own unique way of working in and with Spirit.

Spirituality gives you the tools, resources and inner guidance you will need to change the way you live and love!

Calming Minds Centre for Spirituality is a family of like-minded people, who choose to develop themselves with the respect and support of each other. Knowing this as well as being shown the  tools and techniques for getting through those difficult times, offers great relief leaving one feeling a real sense of self-empowerment and of being in control.

As part of the process you are shown how to release anything that no longer serves you. As you do so you will find that as you let go of the old stories, you will be left with a space within where all possibilities reside!

When you realise that you are not alone but sharing this journey with others, it has a very soothing effect on the mind and body!

And as we grow in Light and Stature, so too does the world around us. This is the Intention and main focus of Calming Minds and its sister page ‘Beyond the Shift.’ To be the Shining Light of the New Earth Energies that ripples throughout our world anchoring these Higher Vibrational Energies.