Wisdom of the Heart Poems and Quotes

If I Never Told You

If I never told you that I loved you, was it because I did not care? If I never told you how grateful I am, is it because I do not think? If I never told you I’m sorry when I was wrong, did I not know? I never told you because it does not matter whether I say these things or not…they are but mere words. What matters most is how I behave towards you; if I treat you with love and respect. What matters is how much I hold you in my heart and how you feel its warm embrace. You see, actions do indeed speak louder than words and my words can never express how my heart does feel. So please do not wait to hear my words but instead listen only to the sound of my heart♥


Come Sit Awhile

Come dance with me and we shall see, what the spirit of dance is like.
Come sing with me a gentle song, that we may feel the spirit of a melody.
Come fly with me on the winds of the air, that we may know the spirit of freedom.
Come sit with me and just BE awhile, that we may share in the wonder of the mighty Spirit.

You Are Not Alone

People, relationships and things are not permanent; they come and they go only you remain. Trust then that within you where permanency does reside, you will never be alone!

not alone


When you have given it everything yet your best isn’t good enough, do not feel sad my friend. It is not a failure to acknowledge that there is better out there than you. It is the wisdom of knowing that you did all you could and could do no more. Now is the time to stop Doing and just BE. Relax. Refresh and recuperate. You deserve it♥


Peace within

If you speak without thinking, chances are that you act without thinking  and create your life without thinking.
Speaking only when is necessary is not a skill but a sign that one has found a peace within.


The Sacred Place

The silent space became a sacred place for me to learn and grow. In the still silence I heard… I saw… I became all that I could be.
The Truths I learnt, I could feel within and they did set me free.
sacred space1

Now I Know

And now I know what I AM, I know what I am not and I can choose to let go of all and any expectations or need I have of myself to be perfect!

divine self

Place of Spirit

Sitting underneath the tears laying just beneath the fears, far away from the noise of chatter  and where all that occurs does not matter. This is the place where Truth and love abide, Where stillness and completion sit side by side. For this is the place of the All That Is, the Oneness of life, where all is bliss.  Away from emotional attachments and self-imposed limit to that place of reconnection, of light and of Spirit


In That Moment

I looked beyond the human and in that moment I saw…  I looked into the vastness, and in that moment I knew… I looked into the depth of my own being, stared fear in the face…  And in that moment I saw beyond all beliefs, all rules, limitations and illusions…

… For in that moment I ceased to exist

in this moment

It is True!

In that split second that I did SEE, I stopped all seeking and looking for answers. For I then knew what I did not know before.

YES it is true…it is true!

Courage to Change

In my weakness, lies strength. In my ignorance lies Wisdom and in my vulnerability lies the courage to change. Moving into this new arena of knowing moves me closer to the Divine within.

courage to change..

I am not the cliché.

I am not the cliché. Perhaps you do not know that? I am not your Master; perhaps you do not SEE that? I am not your teacher; perhaps you do not understand that? I am not your parent; perhaps you do not feel that? I am not your guide; perhaps you do not follow that? For I am but all of these things only to me and I cannot be or do or know these things without reference and experience of thine own understanding. Do not be afraid of living. Do not be afraid of acting out in this world all that you have understood. For you are your own teacher; your own guide. Trust in that and all will be well in your world. Let others adjust to your world and not the other way round. Let them SEE your true worth and they in turn will SEE theirs. Be honest and truthful in all that you do, for you are the truth that you seek and all that you seek is the truth in you. Be it, own it, acknowledge it and as you do, you own yourself and you are free…you are free indeed my friend because you have found a way out to that place of acceptance and love. You are free…

Get Right With Yourself

What do you see when you give yourself time to explore? Is it the way that your nose does lay, the way your eyes go in together, or the way your ears protrude ever so slightly through your hair? What do you feel, when you give yourself time for reflection? Is it sadness that you hold so very near inside of you? Is it regret for all the things you did not do or say? Or is it a sense of well-being for achieving some status in life? What is it you taste when you awaken each morning? Is it the smell of wealth and what money can buy you? Is it the odour of love permeating from all around you? What is it you require most to make life so very worthwhile living? I tell you my friend….. It is none of these things! It is not your looks, your status, your wealth or even your health! All of this can be taken away in any moment and if they were, how would you feel then? Look into yourself and see all that you need is right there with you, now and forever. It can never be taken away! It is the only aspect of you that will never leave or waste away! That is Life…that is Truth…that is all you require. The rest will come and go!
lookng mirr

My Success!

I may have gone through many jobs in my life. Moving from one thing or hobby to the next. Some of them without any real financial; creative or professional success.

Some may call me flaky; others a go getter or even resourceful. Perhaps even Mad or lazy. Some may say I had my head in the clouds; whilst others didn’t even notice! For all the things I’ve done or not done they matter not. They are passed; over and done with, probably never to return. Call me flaky, unreliable, quirky or weird. I wallow in them all! For only that which remains and is constant is my greatest achievement. It is not seen by others. Not paid for through service. Not given as a gift or in legacy. It is with me now and always… Its success originates from within and shows its face through the eyes of my most special ones. This is my success.
This is a life well lived
budda light

Life Happens

‘Life happens whilst you’re busy making plans…..’

Are you missing out on beautiful experiences because you’re always looking ahead for the ‘next best thing?’

Maybe it’s now time to wake up and smell those very fragrant yet very fabulous roses!


The sparkle left and he was gone; nothing but an empty vessel.
The twinkle went and lived no more inside the hollowed shell.
Where did it go, I wondered? Did it just cease to exist?

It took a while for me to know the path the twinkle flowed through.
It took a while to see the eternal sparkle shining brighter than before. It may have left his finished body leaving no sign of life.
But the twinkle; the sparkle; the Spirit continued on just as it always does.

It flowed on and on expansive and eternal.
The flame now free, no longer bound by the physical body!

freed spirit